A Waitress’ Confessions

I am ready to leap, to jump into the abyss of sea-monsters, even sea urchins, to save every reef of dying acid-bleached corral, we have raped our oceans like leeches, out for blood.

Rather I plow the mountains in form of snow angels and hike the tallest peak to find my world of Cupid.

Lately, I am fire, a volcanic high-tempered lava of vibrational forces ready to erupt in tears for the sake of our dear earth, in spirit to fight beside her, to start a new land which I turn into molten rock, replenishing the soil, what was toxic shall only be rediscovered into a new un-walked path in life.

Should the fertile soil reintroduce our past ancestors of the marine mammals who once thrived in the ocean floor, where our ancient sea monsters roamed the ocean floor, shall we go back to Pangea?

From the oceanic floor to the moving mountains arises cupid to bring back Adam and Eve, and might they be wise not to pick the rotten fruit that turned us to greed.

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