Tai Chi Farm Animal

Back in May 2017, during one evening while doing my chores over at Leland St. Farms, which consisted of putting Nelly(cow), Jasper(in the image), away in their stall, feeding the hogs, then lastly milking Hope the goat.  Out of the twenty minutes of doing my chores seemed to be “peaceful” than other evenings, yet strange.

First of all, mind you this ‘little’ animal farm is the only farm set in a suburban neighborhood.  Secondly, Nancy, the owner of the farm has over a dozen hogs, a Jersey cow, Jersey Bull, a couple of goats, some sheep, and a horse that is publicly displayed to the neighborhood.  The only piece of property that has been saved from urbanization on a two-acre plot of land.  So here I am doing what I do with putting the animals out for the night and making sure they have their feed.  And during my chore-time here is this older woman practicing Tai-Chi for about an hour in front of the animals.  All the animals, Nelly, Jasper, Buck, Hope, etc. got their ears wrinkled like mine.

Where Farm life meets bohemian hippie suburbia in this little town.


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