The Feminist Corner

A man walks into my café and decides to sit in the back of the Restaurant.  He stops to tell me that this is now his favorite seat in the house.  I was befuddled, and wondered, “Why do you ask sir?”, as I follow his hint.

His expression began to illuminate, jaw drops, and pointed out, ” I am surrounded by all these women!”.   “Ahh, I see why this corner does suit you!  And look! your salmon-pink top!  And oh my!…. what a lovely painting of this women displayed at your table!”

The women who surrounded this charming gregarious older man who usually comes into my café and who speaks German to me, even though I have not even the slightest clue what he tells me so I ask him what he says.  “Wie hiesst du?”, meaning what’s your name?


“Was ist deine Geschichte?”  Translated to “What’s your story?”

I have been amused by the people who I meet at my café, but this man knows how to play a good role as a feminist!

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