Ciao from Roma!

In the land of marble slabs that have been deeply honored, in a place that thrives on aesthetics in art, food, and locals who take expressional pride.

The bus as my main transportation has been a great tool to discover Rome. I’ve been getting on random bus lines and then getting off to explore the most beautiful parts of Rome. Trastavere is an iconic place of wandering on the cobblestone streets and the mopeds that race through these alley ways. I roamed about two hours in the neighborhoods, Dusk settles in as I leave the Piazza Navona, and the magic happens. My nostrils flare as a dog and is tickled by the smell from the cafĂ©s around me. It’s dinner time.

I look down to see the pigeons pecking the ground, and for a moment they looked that tasty.

My time in Ancient Rome unleashed a dogmatic beast in me like King Cesar who once conquered the land that still he places his mark on society today with remarkable marble slab structures that stand strong, sturdy and proud.

This bellisimo city had brought out such a richness in me, sweet, it felt great to enjoy a gelato in 36 degree Celsius weather and embracing the marble Trevi Fountain.

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